151 South Main Street

Versailles KY


owners: Alex + Emily Riddle

manager: Maggie Schmidt


Work schedules are done by our manager.  The schedules are posted online as well as behind the counter no later than Friday for the following work week (Monday through Sunday).  Everyone works a set schedule, agreed upon by you and the manager.   Every six months we will establish a new schedule. During Christmas season we get very busy and our shift needs change. This is a great time for you to pick up extra hours! Just let us know your needs and expectations ahead of time.  It is ALWAYS 100% your responsibility to know when you work.  Even though everyone typically runs on a set schedule, it is VITAL that you double check your schedule each week, as we settle into the semesters (especially during Christmas season) and in case you forgot that you covered for someone.  


If you need a shift off, it is solely your responsibility to find coverage (Hint: you can always trade shifts rather than ask someone to pick up your shift).  There are shift coverage sheets available behind the counter that you will need to fill out.   There is space on the coverage sheet for both people to sign their names (the person needing coverage and the person who is covering).  Once you have filled out your coverage sheet and have all the needed signatures, please leave it for our manager next to the posted schedule.   After she has approved the request, our manager will indicate the change on the appropriate week’s schedule.  


If you call in sick, it is your responsibility to find a replacement, if you fail to do so you will be written up.  If you cannot find anyone to work for you, let us know - we will help you anyway we can.  This policy has to be strict because we greatly depend on you to work the shifts you are scheduled for.  You must be responsible for your work shifts.  DO NOT fail to show up for a shift, or your employment will be terminated immediately.  You will be considered a no-show once the manager on duty has made adequate attempts to get in touch with you or we have still not heard back.  ALWAYS call as soon as you realize you will or might be late, or if you will not be able to come to work.


*If you have a cell phone, it’s a good idea to put our manager’s phone number in there (Maggie: 859-227-5134) as well as the rest of your co-workers.  An employee phone list will be posted beside the schedule.

It is our policy that employees never give out scheduling information, phone numbers or other personal information, of their own or other employees, to anyone not employed by The Amsden, even to immediate family, while on the premises, or representing Coffee Times at an event.

This includes our manager’s personal information as well as Alex and Emily’s.  Always offer to take a message instead and ensure customers that we will get back to them in a prompt manner.


It is imperative that you clock in when you arrive on your shift, clock out when you are leaving for the day/night, clock in and out when going on breaks, and clock in and out when you need to switch to alone or regular.  The only record we have of what hours you have worked are on the Square time clock system on the ipad.  If you forget to clock in/out notify a manager immediately so that they may fix your hours on the register.

Please check the break guide at the end of this section to see if you are granted 10 minute breaks for your shift. Before going on a break, check with the other person working (at the coffee shop) to see if they can cover for you.  Please do not take a break if there are a lot of customers in line or we are especially busy- use your judgement!

Smoking is not permitted in the building by law.  You may smoke outside but need to do so near the back of the building alley close to the police station (never in front of the building on Main Street side). Please use the ashtrays and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.  

You may eat at the counter and stay on the clock (as long as the store isn’t super busy); or clock out and take a break to sit down at a table inside or outside if you wish.  You must pay for any food or bottled drinks from the coffee shop BEFORE eating/drinking it.  You must clock out when going on your 30 minute break and clock back in when you return.  See the following section to see what break times you are entitled to according to what shift you work. You are granted one 10 minute for every 4 hours worked by Kentucky State law. In addition to ten minute breaks, you are allowed a 30 minute meal break. Kentucky law states each business must provide a “reasonable” amount of time for employees to eat.  The coffee shop employee and mercantile employee on duty will work together to cover for each other when breaks are needed.  The mercantile counter will be shut down temporarily and all purchases for both spaces will be made on the coffee shop side when one employee is on break.  

10 minute breaks: You do not have to clock out

15-30 minute breaks: You must clock out

Total Hours Worked:

  •  8 hours or more:     two separate 10 min. breaks; and one 30 min. clock out break
  •  7-8 hours:               one 10 min. break; and one 30 min. clock out break
  •  6-7 hours:               one 30 min. clock out break OR two separate 15 min. breaks
  •  5-6 hours:               one 30 min. clock out or two separate 10 min. breaks
  •  4 hours or less:       one 10 min. break

-We are a small business, and as such, do not have the man power to allow for a set break schedule. As a team, we can all work together to allow each employee to have their requested break time during their shift. Being mindful of the other people you work with can do wonders!

-Total number of hours worked includes closing time.


Payday is every other Tuesday.  Employees receive their pay through direct deposit.  We do not give paper checks!  During training, employees are required to provide us with a bank account & routing numbers. If the employee does not have a checking/savings account, he/she will be required to open one. A pay period begins on Monday and continues through the following Sunday.  Any discrepancies over hours worked and money payed must be discussed with a manager within 30 days from the day the payment was received.  If Monday or Tuesday (the day payroll is sent in) is a National holiday, your pay will go through Wednesday.  Your pay stubs are always available online and we will provide you with a username and password to view them.  

Please notify us of any address changes throughout your employment here and within the year should you leave, for W-2 purposes.  If you are no longer employed here we will mail your W-2s to the last address we have on file.  There is a $40.00 fee should you need to request a second copy.

You must be employed by The Amsden  for one calendar year (full time or part time) before you are eligible for paid vacation time.  Vacation days will be granted based upon how many hours you worked per week, on average, from the previous year. Vacation time requests need to be reported to the scheduling manager 1 month in advance, so they can adjust the schedule accordingly. Failure to do so may result in having to find coverage on your own due to the short notice.  In the event that you are fired, all vacation pay will be lost.  

Vacation time may not be carried over from one year to the next.  Any unused vacation time will be lost.

A company holiday that falls during an employee’s vacation period is not counted as a vacation day.

We feel that jury duty is a civic duty and helps ensure our basic liberties.  We deal with scheduling based on each person‘s needs.  Please notify management immediately when you receive notice of jury duty.

Subpoenaed employees must give advance notice of their intention to appear in court.  Appearances at hearings under subpoenas and out of civic responsibility (eyewitness, etc.) are considered excused time.  Employees must use vacation time or request time-off without pay for voluntary appearances in court.

Absence due to death in your immediate family is considered excused. Time off for other funerals will be considered on an individual basis.

If significant time off is needed because of illness, an evaluation for temporary sick leave will be discussed between the employee and management.  The Amsden reserves the right to grant or deny the option for sick leave in consideration of the need for the employee’s scheduling requirements.

Your behavior is a direct reflection of our business.  The customers can see and hear everything you do and say.  REMEMBER THIS!  Please watch your language and your volume when you talk to each other.  There may be times when you disagree with the way we do something, you may have a problem with a co-worker, manager, or other personal problems.  WE BELIEVE IN COMMUNICATION, so please ask your manager to schedule a meeting with you if you have something to say.  We strive to solve problems.  If you are experiencing a problem - please do not neglect your customer.  Complete your transaction and then call our manager.  Please do not complain or discuss problems you have where customers can hear you: it’s unprofessional.

Since you are being paid while on the clock, you are expected to work. Please use any “downtime” to stock product, do your shift duties, work on daily cleaning lists, etc.  There will be a very clear list of daily duties posted behind the counter that you can reference.  Please do not sit around or talk to your co-workers at length, especially when other customers are present.  Please do not use the Internet on the Ipad at the counter.  This is to be used only for Point of Sale and clocking in/out.  If caught doing so, it is a write up and possible termination.  Your ability to be self-motivated weighs heavily on your evaluations for raises.

Please do not have your phone out when there are ANY customers present in the store.  You also should not be on your phone if you still have daily duties or work to complete.

We will have a store phone available for use as you need it and for emergencies.

You can wear any shirt/top/sweater of your choice (no shirts showing your stomach, nothing to revealing). You may wear black, khaki, or blue jeans, pants, shorts, skirts of your choice, but make sure they look nice and are appropriate.  Do not be offended if we tell you that something you are wearing is too revealing. Ask the manager if you have questions about this.

It is imperative that you are on time for your work shift.  A smoothly flowing business and good customer service depends on it!  It is disrespectful to your coworkers if you are late. REMEMBER - someone may be depending on you to get here so that they can go home. You must be on the floor when your shift begins.  Please arrive a few minutes early so that you can clock in and be ready to go at the time you are scheduled for. YOU WILL BE WRITTEN UP IF YOU ARE OVER 10 MINUTES LATE, AND AFTER 3 WRITE-UPS YOU RISK LOSING YOUR JOB.

If you are working an opening (morning) shift, your shift will begin 15 minutes before the mercantile opens and be posted as such on the schedule (9:45 AM most days).  THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.  There is a lot of prep involved to get the store ready to open.  Likewise, if you work a closing shift, you will usually need 30 minutes to complete all closing duties.  View your shift as including those extra 30 minutes even though the store is not open.  If you leave without finishing your closing duties, or are late to open the store without completing your opening duties, you will be written up.

Infractions and write ups will be used at evaluation time and can prevent a raise from occurring.  Three infractions for the same offense in a 60 day period constitutes a write up and multiple write ups, especially for the same offense, can cause termination.

Evaluations are conducted by a store manager in April & September.  At that time, you are rated on your job performance, attendance, attitude, knowledge, etc.  Your evaluation time is also a good time to discuss any problems or concerns you have with your job. If you are hired between the months of January-June, you will get your first evaluation in September. If you are hired between the months of July-December, you will get your first evaluation in April.

Raises will be given once per year in June. You will receive an evaluation at that time and a manager will take into account all evaluations given and improvements made since the last raise. If you are not awarded a raise, you will have 30 days to show    improvement for reconsideration.

We would appreciate two weeks notice if you decide to terminate your employment here.  If that is not possible, we would expect you to notify the manager as soon as possible for scheduling purposes.  PLEASE do not just fail to show up.  

Robbery: Remain calm, hand over the money.  Try to remember as much detail about the crime as possible. There is a panic button on the Square point of sale system that you can press.  Remember the police station is right next door if you need immediate assistance.  We will have both the emergency and non-emergency numbers posted for the police station.  

Fire: Remain calm, help each other and the customers exit.  Once everyone is outside and safe, call 911.

Customer Illness: Tell the manager on duty at once, call 911, ask if there is a doctor available in the shop.

Accident of Customer or Staff: Tell the manager on duty at once, get the person’s name and phone number and file a written report with Coffee Times as to the nature of the accident.  Note how, when, witnesses, and what you did to handle the situation

After we have closed, it is mandatory that the door remain locked.  After customers have left and the door is locked, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the door locked.  No one, including friends or co-workers not on the clock, are allowed to come in.  After dark, mercantile workers and coffee shop workers need to clock out and leave together and take trash out on their way out.  Side note: The Amsden Tavern will always be open later hours and the police station is right next door.  If you are ever uncomfortable walking to your car alone at night, do not hesitate to ask for an escort or help from either location.

There are mandatory employee meetings approximately every 12 weeks.  There will be signs posted as to the exact dates of these meetings and everyone will be notified by the manager.  Meetings and workshops are held on Sundays. They are paid meetings and it is necessary that you attend.  If you can not attend, you must notify Maggie immediately.  If you fail to show up without notification you will be written up.

Discounts:   Gathered Mercantile employees receive a 25% discount on all purchases.  The discount is only granted to an employee in person.  When sales are occurring, you are allowed to add your 25% off discount to the sale up to 50% off. If the sale is above 50%, you get that percentage off only (your employee discount does not get added to it).


At the Coffee Shop: Gathered Mercantile employees are allowed 10% off any item at The Amsden Coffee Club.  When they are having a promotion or giving coupons, you may only stack one with your 10% discount up to 50% off max.


Complimentary Drinks:   Gathered Mercantile employees are allowed one free specialty drink per day (no free drinks from the fridge please, but you may use your discount there as well as on food).  You may have unlimited refills on drip coffee.

It is important for mercantile employees to have a general knowledge of all our artists, makers, and vendors that sell in Gathered Mercantile so you can share with customers.  We will keep a notebook with general contact information as well as basic descriptions of each vendor behind the counter for you to reference at any time.  Please also read over the vendor rules + regulations below so you are aware of how our system works. Please do not share any personal information about vendors, leases, rent, sales, etc. with any other vendors or customers.   If any customers ask about leasing a booth/space- tell them that you are happy to take down their information and place them on the waiting list (name, email, phone number, what they sell). pLEASE DO NOT SHARE ANY CURRENT CONTRACT INFORMATION (LEASE PRICES/SIZE/ETC.) AS THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. 


Jewelry, Clothing, Home Decor, Barware, Fresh Cut Flowers, Plants, + Art mercantile space in the historic Amsden Building. Newly renovated and impeccably designed by Emily Riddle of Miss Molly Vintage/ Gathered Living, The Amsden Building maintains historic character with a curated modern flair.

Gathered Mercantile will be a showcase of Central Kentucky makers and brands lovingly curated by Emily. The Mercantile space will be designed, maintained and operated by Miss Molly Vintage/ Gathered Living and will host frequent workshops and events to market and expose new clientele to the brands inside. Sharing a space with Versailles’s first locally owned coffee shop and Prohibition-era cocktail and bourbon bar, Gathered Mercantile will be the shopping and gathering destination in Woodford County and will draw from all over Central Kentucky.


Specifics for Vendors:

-    $75 per month plus 10% of Sales

-    Spaces will be approximately 5 x 5 feet but the size/scope of space will be different depending on each vendor’s needs (for example, some vendors may require a table top display that will be exactly 5 x 5; while some would prefer wall space and shelving that will take up more space vertically)

-    Vendor Checks paid out on the 15th of every month for all sales the prior month. Sales record will be included with each pay check

-    Social media representation and professional PR will be included on accounts with a current reach of over 35,000 very active followers

-    Custom displays and signage will be created and provided by Gathered Mercantile in collaboration with each vendor- all you have to provide is the product!

-    Sales tracking, credit card fees, staffing, maintenance, stock level alerts, keeping your area clean and tidy, as well as all overhead costs are provided by Gathered Mercantile

-    3 month lease minimum with one month advance notice required to cancel

-    Shop is closed Mondays but available to vendors for restocking. Restocking will be allowed at any time the mercantile is open

-    Gathered Mercantile reserves the right to remove any products or displays at its sole discretion without voiding lease agreement

-    Every item must come in clearly priced with vendor number. Pricing help will be available from Miss Molly Vintage/ Gathered Living. Clear signage for pricing is acceptable i.e. “All Prints $10” as long as vendor number is noted on each item

-       Gathered Mercantile will make every effort to prevent theft, loss, or damage but cannot be held liable if any of these occur.



Gathered Mercantile will be a showcase of Central Kentucky makers and brands lovingly curated by Emily Riddle. The Mercantile space will be designed, maintained and operated by Miss Molly Vintage/ Gathered Living and will host frequent workshops and events to market and expose new clientele to the brands inside. Sharing a space with Versailles’s first locally owned coffee shop and Prohibition-era cocktail and bourbon bar, Gathered Mercantile will be the shopping and gathering destination in Woodford County and will draw from all over Central Kentucky.

We are open 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday thru Saturday & Sundays from 12 to 5 pm. Closed the following holidays: Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. We will close by 3pm on New Year’s Eve. Sales tax is collected and paid to the State of Kentucky each month.

Vendor Rental Contract
The following are the RULES & REGULATIONS for the operation of Gather Mercantile. These Rules & Regulations are a part of the Rental Agreement.


1. Area Rentals: Areas vary in physical size and style depending on the needs of each dealer and are rented for $75 per month plus 10% of sales.  Space will be rented on a first-come, first-served basis.  Vendors are required to give a $75.00 security deposit.  The deposit is used first for any damage and second, towards your last month of rent.   Deposits will not be returned if dealers move out without the 30-day notice unless approved by management. The rental contract is extended on a 3 month basis.  Dealers may stock their booth anytime during store hours or between 10am and 2pm on Mondays (while the store is closed to the public).  You may not keep the staff after hours to work on your booth unless previously arranged through Emily.  The vendor or Gathered Mercantile management may terminate the rental agreement by submitting a 30-day written notice in advance of the first day of the month.


2. Rent Due: Rent is due the first day of the month for that month. If preferred by the vendor, rent can also be deducted from accumulated sales of the previous month.  If rent exceeds sales then payment by the vendor is due by the 8th of the month.  If rent is overdue by 60 days, unsold merchandise may be sold by G.M. to cover past due rent and cannot otherwise be removed from the market until rent is paid in full.  Rent extends from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

3. Sales Tax: Gathered Mercantile will be responsible for the collection and payment of sales taxes to the Treasurer, State of Kentucky.  Dealers may not use the Gathered Mercantile’s sales tax number for their personal use.

4. Commissions: A ten percent (10%) seller’s premium will be charged on all items sold.  This amount will be deducted from the monthly vendor payment.   This covers credit card costs, marketing, and maintenance.

5. Pay Periods: The close of business on the last day of the month is the cut-off date for processing sales. Checks to dealers may be picked up after 10 AM on the tenth day of the following month. One month’s rent and all commissions are deducted from the sales.  A statement of the month’s sales activity will be provided with the check.

6. Vendor Identification: Only individuals with permission of the vendor (owner of merchandise) will be allowed to remove unsold items or pick up checks from Gathered Mercantile LLC. Please provide us a list of all authorized personnel.

7. Pricing: Dealers must furnish their own tags. Items placed in a booth must have a price tag with readable notations on the front: Vendor ID, Price and Item Description.  Signage is acceptable for some items (i.e. all prints are $10).  Any other information the vendor deems necessary should be written on the back of the price tag. To protect the vendor, prices cannot be crossed out and replaced by another price written on the tag. Price tags must be securely fastened to merchandise. Vendors are responsible for tagging their own merchandise.

8. Housekeeping:  Gathered Mercantile LLC is responsible for maintenance of aisles, rest rooms and the common areas of the market. Gathered Mercantile LLC will also keep vendor areas clean and tidy between visits from the vendor.

9. Prohibited Sales: Management of Gathered Mercantile LLC reserves the right to prohibit any item from being sold on the premises. All sales will go through the cash register Gathered Mercantile LLC. Any sale on premises that does not go through the register will violate this agreement and serve as cause to terminate it. Vendors working in their booths may “deal” or reduce a price to a customer but are not allowed to complete the sale on premises without going through the register.  Management reserves the right to refuse any merchandise we feel is inappropriate.

10. No Smoking: Smoking is not permitted on the premises.

11. Sales: A vendor may run a sale in his or her booth as long as management is aware of the sale and it is clearly marked.  We will have chalkboard signs available for this purpose for vendors to use.

12. Displays: All sales merchandise must be kept WITHIN each vendor’s assigned space. Customer walkways shall not be obstructed by merchandise.  The vendor will work in collaboration with Gathered Mercantile to create their space and some display pieces may be furnished/provided by Gathered Mercantile.  If approved by vendor, Emily will occasionally pull items from vendor’s spaces to showcase in larger center and seasonal displays.  We will always return all items back to their individual booths when remerchandising.

13. All Laws Apply: Vendors shall abide at all times by the codes, ordinances, and regulations of the city, county, state and other governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the conduct of the vendor’s business.

14. Move-Out: Move-outs shall occur on or before the last day of the current rental period.  Holdovers will be charged an additional rent.  Management must be given a written 30-day notice in advance of a move-out BY THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH.  Vendor must settle all overdue rent charges and damages before removing merchandise from Gathered Mercantile LLC on move-out day.

15. Checks: Gathered Mercantile LLC will accept checks as payment for any item with proof of identity by a current driver’s license and will be responsible for collection of bad checks.

16. Credit Cards and Debit Cards: Gathered Mercantile LLC will accept payment by American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit and debit cards.

17. Losses and Insurance: Vendor is responsible for his or her own insurance & premise liability. Gathered Mercantile LLC will not be responsible for any loss or damage of merchandise, property or equipment, either from natural or unnatural causes, such as theft, fire, flood, wind, rain, or any other cause whatsoever.